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Offensive Crayons | Pot Pack

Offensive Crayons | Pot Pack

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24 Pack

Featuring shades of your questionable life choices and memories you can't quite recall, this pack is perfect for those "creative" sessions. With colors like Munchies Mango, Peach and Chong, Bong Water Brown, and Lemon Kush, this pack is a vibrant reminder of all those times you said, "Just one more hit." Ideal for scribbling in those adult coloring books you swore you'd finish, or for passive-aggressively gifting to that friend who's "totally not a stoner."

Elevate your mediocrity to new, hazier heights and remember: It's not a phase, it's a lifestyle.

*Disclaimer: No actual cannabis is included or used in the making of these crayons. But if you're considering buying these, you probably don't need any more.* Always color responsibly.

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